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New Year Resolution!!!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Here comes the new year, the beginning of new calendar, new aspirations, new motivations and new RESOLUTIONS !!!

Just before the New Year begins, along with the New Year eve celebration planning, one common question arises among discussions- “Hey, what is your New Year Resolution for this upcoming year?”

Some people make strong declaration publicly about their new year resolution with high spirit and great enthusiasm, but some people keep it as a secret to themselves.

Few of the most common examples of resolution are :

“I will regularly go to gym without missing any day……”,

“I will be more focused in my career now……”,

“I will be more organized and disciplined in my life….”,

“I will do more saving and cut down my expenses……” and

the most common open-ended resolution is that “I will always eat healthy and lose my extra weight or fat…….” 😊

But most of the times we have seen that those resolutions which we make before New Year day, do not last for very long. Although we gear up and start with our firm decision of doing something but most of us cannot keep ourselves motivated all the time. And then after dragging it for some time, we finally give it up. Our inner strength becomes weak and exhausted in process of achieving our goal. The most common weapon we use to defeat our resolution is “EXCUSES.

Why do we make EXCUSES? Because we do not know how to deal with the challenges or obstacles which we encounter while we are on the way of our resolution. Some of the challenges or obstacles which we generally face are listed below-

  • We feel demotivated if we do not see instant result.

  • We do not get time from our busy schedule to spare on our resolution.

  • We set unrealistic or open-ended goals, like “I will become successful in my career” or” I will eat healthy foods only”. By these resolutions, we cannot make clear sense that what exactly is the parameter to achieve it and how can we be sure that we are on track of our resolution.

  • We do not enjoy what we are doing, and it becomes a compulsion to do it as we have disclosed our resolution to someone.

To overcome these challenges, we should start our motto with proper analysis and planning. It should not be like we said something in excitement about our resolution or we just thought that we will start working on our resolution, but it doesn’t matter a lot if we cannot achieve our goal. WHO CARES ABOUT IT!!! This attitude deviates us from our resolution and goal.

Our DEDICATION and SINCERITY will make us achieve whatever we want to do in life, it may be related to health, work, career, relationship, anything that we want to focus on.

Trust me, I have seen few of my friends and known ones, who have shown their utmost dedication for their goal, either in fitness or career, and they were completely focused unless they achieved their goal. And the self-satisfaction which they got in reward, that was the real SUCCESS.

So, make your RESOLUTION today and be dedicated to achieve your goal, without any EXCUSES. 😊

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Jyoti J.
Jyoti J.
Jan 10, 2020

Happy reading to everyone 😊🙏


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