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Are we using our “Smartphones” more smartly?

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Undoubtedly, smartphones are boon to human beings. It has many such features which are very helpful for person of all age groups, either it’s used by kids, teenagers, adults or senior citizens, everyone can get benefit from this smart device.

But are we using it smartly or are we just getting fooled by the device? This question comes in my mind when I think about its real usage in our day to day life.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

– Christian Lous Lange

Ok, let me give you some examples:


The biggest advantage of smartphone is that it keeps you connected with your dear ones. Whenever we want to talk to anyone, we either call (voice and video) or message them, no matter how far they are, we can easily get connected, isn’t it?

But don’t we take this advantage for granted? Just because we have talked to the person over phone, we hardly bother to go and meet in-person. Due to this, we generally miss those get-together occasions and frequent visits to each other’s house, which we use to had in our childhood days (when we rarely had telephone in everyone’s house). We see many friends online, chatting and gossiping but when we remove our eyes from screen, we feel very lonely in this whole planet.


With the blessings of Smartphone, now-a-days social media sites/apps are on our fingertips. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has become part of our life. We are keener to get updates on these social media sites rather than gaining general knowledge from any good news channel or newspaper.

But to our utmost surprise, we generally see that our close friends and relatives share their updates on social media before communicating it to individuals.

It’s good that people make use of the facility and broadcast their updates to everyone at once by sharing it on social media, but as soon as they do that, we as an audience start thinking that if the communicator(person) has not told me individually then why should I ask about his/her updates and some people just like or comment on their post ignorantly.

Alas!!! it’s one of the most common trigger points to implant the feeling of resentment in our mind.


The most common annoying thing we get to see in our home itself. We spend plenty of time, bowing our head to smartphone in such a way as if we are bound to do that by some supernatural power. Sometimes we are so engrossed in some social media sites or playing mobile games or watching videos on You tube that we forget that someone is there nearby with whom we can talk our heart out and spend some quality time with them.


And the most affected person in this family chaos are KIDS. We have got a very easy but powerful method to make the kids busy and dependent on smartphones for their playtime, storytelling, lullaby or even their fun activities, all the limited to just one screen, i.e. a SMARTPHONE. We feel astonished to see our infants or toddlers using smartphone with an ease. We think that our kid is growing digitally in this fast-paced world, but we forget about the harm which we are doing to them both mentally and physically.

One more reason to make our kids a screen addicted is that we want to get our free time by making our kids busy with smartphone, it’s bitter truth but reality of today’s generation.


When we go somewhere on vacation or any event or festival, we are eager to take selfies and photos from our high-resolution smartphone and post it on social media, rather than enjoying the moment and capturing the memories in our mind. In fact we want to SHOW it to everyone and not SEE and enjoy it.


Just before falling asleep, we never miss to get the last glance of our smartphone, even though we have troubled our eyes whole day and gave chronic pain too.

Anyways, I don’t want to dig more into this topic as it will divert us from the main motto of this article. So, lets jump on to the conclusion which I want to share with you all:

  • Always unlock your smartphone with a purpose. Use it for that purpose and keep it aside.

  • Never get addicted to smartphone as any kind of addiction always leads to downfall.

  • Do not tend to get distracted by smartphone as it will kill your focus. So, learn to use it wisely and smartly.

  • Give more importance to human being than to these man-made devices which are only been made to make our life easier and not for degrading the quality of our lives.

  • Do not strain your eyes, muscles and joints by using smartphone too much, try to restrict its usage as per your health condition. Otherwise it may affect your health adversely.

“Technology should improve your life…

not become your life.”

- Billy Cox

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