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About the website- "The Sapient Mind"

The Sapient Mind is a website which has contents on different topics, covering various blog niche like Lifestyle, Knowledge, Travel, Parenting, etc.The main aim of this website is to gather and share all kinds of information, experiences, knowledge, thoughts about people, places, products and perspectives. Explore the site and all that the author has to share through her writings.

It acts as a Life Coach for someone, who need a friend, philosopher or guide for any aspect of their life. 

Write it to your Life Coach- The Sapient Mind -

About the author- "Jyoti J."

Jyoti J. is a full-time blogger, content writer and the founder of The Sapient Mind website. She left her job as an IT professional after gaining 10 year of valuable experience there. Thereafter she got time to pursue her passion i.e.Blogging. 

The Sapient Mind is a passion filled project, which has been initiated by her to fulfill her dreams of becoming a blogger, a freelancer, and most importantly a platform to express her thoughts, through her writing skills.

Also to help people, who are struggling with their thoughts in mind, and need someone who can listen to them and provide an unbiased advice/ guidance to reach a goal or solve their problem.

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