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Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Face Wash Review

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to review a beauty product,“Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Face Wash”.

I am using this face wash for the last 2 months, so I will try to give you very genuine and detailed review about the product.

I am very fond of Himalaya beauty products, specially face wash. Since I have a very sensitive skin with oily T-zone, I prefer to use herbal products. Also, Himalaya have varieties in its face-wash products, and this is one of them. I bought this face wash by getting tempted by its name, it says, “Tan Removal…”, so wanted to give it a try.

Product Packaging and Features:

This face wash comes in a very nice transparent packaging with orange colour gel-based face wash (see the image below). It has a fruity smell, a smell of orange which is very pleasant when you apply it on your face.

More about the product:

As per the description given on the backside of the product, it is written “Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Face Wash is an effective blend of Orange Peel, Honey and Papain which visibly reduces skin tan and makes the skin smooth by gently removing dead skin cells. The gentle exfoliating activity of Papain helps reduce tan, whereas Orange Peel improves skin tone. Honey soothes and moisturizes the skin."

(Image has been given below for your reference)

My opinion on the claims done by the product:

Claim 1: “…visibly reduces skin tan…”

I won’t say that some miracle will happen, and you will see your tan being removed after 1-2 wash, but yes you will feel very fresh and naturally bright after regularly using this face wash. To some extent your mild tan will also get reduced after regular use of this product. Please don’t expect that this will work as a treatment for “sunburn” skin, “No” it will not work for extreme skin problems.

Claim 2:”….. smoothens skin by gently removing dead skin cells…”

It’s true that your skin will become smooth after each wash, but it will not exfoliate your skin like a scrub. It is a gel like substance and does not have granules in the texture of the face wash. So, don’t expect that it will exfoliate your skin and remove the deep blackheads.

But you will feel your skin to be very smooth if you touch with your hand, it seems to remove dead cells from your skin as claimed.

Direction for use:

As given in product description-“Moisten face and neck; apply a small amount of face wash and gently work up a lather using circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. Use twice daily.”

This is really great that only a “pea-sized” quantity is needed and it lathers so well that it will clean your face and neck very easily.(refer the images given below)


There is a long list of ingredients used to make this product, which we will not understand completely.Here it is shown in image below:

Pros of the product:

1. Very pleasant fruity smell, just like orange

2. Gives fresh feeling after each wash

3. Face glows and looks naturally bright; skin tan seems to be removed to some extend

4. Easy to use packaging with transparent tube and flip open cap

5. Very less quantity i.e. only pea-sized is needed for each wash

6. Very good for sensitive skin

7. No acne breakout after using it, so safe for our face

8. Good for all type of skins- oily, normal and dry

9. Gel texture gives you very smooth feeling, seems to remove dead cells as well

10. Not expensive and completely worth to buy it at this price

Cons of the product:

1. No granules present, so it won’t exfoliate like scrub

2. It will not remove deep blackheads from your skin

3. Although it has moisturizing property, you may require using moisturizer for dry skin after face wash


Rs 130 for 100 ml

Rating out of 10:



Yes, I will strongly recommend this product for all types of skins, as it feels very fresh, glowing and smooth after each face wash. The orange like smell is so good that you will love to use it on your face every day. 😊

Best offer on this product:

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This blog is not a sponsored post, and do not receive payment or compensation from the company of the product being reviewed. The opinion expressed in this blog is solely the author’s personal view, and it may differ from other people’s opinion about the product. Here the products are being reviewed to provide the “honest” and “unbiased” opinion to the readers, so that they can get more information before using or buying any product. But it is expected that the readers must use the product at their own risk and be well-informed about the product before using it.

Disclosure: The affiliate link has been used in this blog, so that when you buy this product navigating from my website, I will get commission for the same.



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